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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

At Foxcroft, 我们了解多元化学校社区的重要性,以及每个女孩的高中教育经历如何通过与来自不同背景的人一起生活而丰富.

Here, we embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences. Our program encourages students, faculty, 工作人员分享观点,追求各种学习机会,这对于维持一个包容性的住宅社区至关重要,可以促进有意义的关系和相互尊重.


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Foxcroft to me is truly a home away from home. Many are drawn to it because of the uncommonly beautiful campus. 但美并不在于树、马或花. The beauty of the campus comes from the people that go here.

— Moriah F., Class of 2024


Black History Month


Throughout the month, 学生们在早会上分享教育和信息视频和演讲,主题包括神圣和步骤的起源. 还有表演,从声乐独奏到精心编排的舞步. 社区也会聚集在一起庆祝黑人历史月的宴会上.



Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, 西班牙俱乐部和福克斯克罗夫特社区每年都会举办西班牙传统月活动和宴会来庆祝. Students speak to the annual theme of the cultural celebration, sharing personal stories of what their Hispanic heritage means to them. The program also includes performances, 包括歌手和舞者,他们表演一种令人惊叹的墨西哥舞蹈,名为“Balie Folklorico.


International Week

福克斯克罗夫特的多样性和全球社区在我们的年度国际周上得到了最突出的展示, organized by the World Languages Department, Global Cultures Club, and International Ambassadors. International Week boasts meals that take us around the globe, served throughout the week and chosen through surveying our student body, 同时也试图代表我们社区中确实存在的国家, and prepared by the Dining Hall staff. Students have created menus, brought in family recipes, and will share information about each cuisine and its respective culture.

这一周的高潮是备受期待的国际晚会和国际义卖. 晚会将于周五晚上开始,届时将有许多才华横溢的国际和国内学生表演, followed by the Bazaar featuring workshops and interactive events.



Celebrating & Supporting Our Diverse Community

Through open discussion and a variety of activities, 学生主导的俱乐部有助于增进对多样性问题的理解,并鼓励学生积极倾听和学习. For girls who share a common identity or life experience, 亲和团体可以帮助学生更清楚地了解自己的身份如何影响他们在福克斯克罗夫特的经历. Each group is advised by a faculty sponsor.

Leadership & Growth Opportunities

Diversity Through Service

福克斯克罗夫特回馈社区的悠久传统是学校的核心价值观之一,也是每年马丁·路德·金服务日的基础, Jr. Day each February. As "a day on, not a day off," the MLK Day of Service, as well as other service opportunities throughout the year, 帮助学生培养对不同文化和环境的理解.

Explore Community Service at Foxcroft

International Student Experience

福克斯克罗夫特有一名全职的国际学生服务主任,她在生活的各个方面为女孩提供支持, ensuring they are fully prepared for college. Each year, girls from more than a dozen countries enroll at Foxcroft. In addition to a special orientation program, 国际学生参加研讨会和其他帮助他们适应美国生活的活动. Girls participate in school clubs and athletics, as well as hold student leadership positions, enriching the experience for all members of our community.

Our Global Community

Student Diversity Leadership Conference


Offered annually in conjunction with the NAIS People of Color Conference, the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) is a multiracial, 来自美国和国外的9-12年级学生领袖的多元文化聚会. With the support of the School, 近年来,福克斯克罗夫特大学的学生既可以亲自参加,也可以在网上参加.

Virginia Diversity Network


Foxcroft is a member of the Virginia Diversity Network, 一个帮助独立学校通过为教师和管理人员举办研讨会和项目来促进太阳城电子app多样性的协会.

Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities


A non-profit community outreach center dedicated to helping communities, schools and business reach success through promoting inclusion, 弗吉尼亚包容性社区中心(VCIC)和福克斯克罗夫特已经合作了好几年. VCIC团队促进了教师和学生领袖发展研讨会,并在整个福克斯克罗夫特选区进行了气候调查.